Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Sound not the Fury

Fury @ LACMA
Tuesday, January 3 @ 1pm

Every Tuesday LACMA plays host to the greatest bargain matinee in town. You can spend an air-conditioned afternoon amongst the Fairfax district’s trendiest AARP scenesters trading rumors and Werthers for two dollars and an aspirins worth of patience. This week the movie is “Fury” a mid-1930s noir mob pic starring Sylvia Sidney and Spencer Tracy under the direction of everyone’s favorite eternally monocled Austrian, Fritz Lang. Aside from being one of Lang’s first American made films it also stars a scruffy young Toto twenty-one dog years prior to his poppy-sniffing, wizard-hassling breakthrough. Surround yourself with fidgety, curmudgeons who remember seeing this movie in the theater on its original release and learn about how, for a mere three nickels, a family of twelve could enjoy a moving picture with enough peanut brittle and Cel-Ray to make you forgo dinner. It sure beats the Grove. (SOC)

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