Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just having a larf.

Comedy Cavalcade @ Lucy's Laundromat
Wednesday, December 14

Competing with a muted but subtitled rerun of Lost, while toddlers rode by on scooters, several sad-sack comedians tried to catch their big break on a scuffed, linoleum stage. Set up in front of the pay-toilet with an ice cream cone mic funneled through a distorted guitar amp and all the self-confidence one might expect from such a scenario, each comedian presented their case as best as possible to an audience of sandwich-eating, fabric softeners. When jokes weren't abruptly cut-off, due to a sudden realization of the inappropriateness of the punch line, they were often met with as many groans as applause. While many people ignored the comedians out of disinterest and impatience, most were ignoring them out of respect (if not for the comedian then at least for themselves). Granted there were some funny lines but if you are standing in a laundromat with a mic in your hands surrounded by indifferent strangers, a fully operating Starbucks and a Subway and you can't think of something amusing to say you might be in the wrong "profession". (SOC)

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Gary Freedman said...

How's this for humor? What did the mushroom say to the other mushroom? "You're a fun guy."

Better than anything you'll hear at a comedy club. And there was no two-drink minimum.