Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Marry me Emmylou.

Emmylou Harris @ Walt Disney Concert Hall
Monday, December 12th

With a crowd sporting more than a fair share of greying ponytails and leather jackets older than me, the ever-alluring Emmylou Harris had the crowd in her hands before she even stepped on stage. The first few bars of every song were met with scattered claps of recognition ricocheting around the room. With just three voices and three instruments including the able body of Buddy Miller, Harris brought a two hour show to the Gehry-scribbled solar panel downtown. Although billed as a a Christmas show, Harris, thankfully, played three short holiday songs and stuck mostly to her thirty-year backlog of tears-in-your-beer balladry. Most impressive was the fact that there was no drummer instead placing most of the rhythmic duties with the bass player creating an intimate chamber-country performance for a crowd of 1800. Definitely the best pair of eyebrows at Disney Hall this year. (SOC)

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