Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No HMO for the LMO

Charlie Haden @ the Echo
Tuesday, December 13

Since establishing himself as the preeminent bass player for the avant-garde (Ornette Coleman, Archie Schepp) Charlie Haden has become a fixture of the Los Angeles music scene for over five decades: teacher, bassist, Ebert impersonator. Responsible for creating worthwhile music (Quartet West) and musicians (Petra, Rachel), he’s served as a more grounded but equally significant Frank Zappa for the chemically balanced. This week Charlie reforms his Liberation Music Orchestra featuring the fine tenor saxophonists Miguel Zenon and Tony Malaby for two sets at the Echo. Started in 1968 and reforming intermittently throughout the years this band only gets together when the political climate demands it and right now the screams can be heard for miles. This might be the best angry leftist intellectual, bass-bruising, Bush-bashing, big band in the country. Isn’t protesting fun? (SOC)

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