Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Calvin and slobs

Calvin Johnson @ the Smell
December 4 w/ Lavender Diamond

It was about a year ago that I witnessed four straight nights of Calvin magic in the foggy trails of northern California (Hello Chico!). By the end of those four nights I still had no idea what this guy was about. Playing solo with an acoustic guitar he would stop and make long, fluid movements with his arms in a sort of rock and roll tai chi continuing the song a cappella with his baritone voice filling whatever all ages warehouse we happen to be in. It was mesmerizing, head-scratchingly fantastic. This is the same guy who runs K Records. This is the same guy who produced One Foot in the Grave. This is the guy who put Olympia on the map (aside from, you know, Levi Smith). With the business/political sensibilities of Steve Albini melded with the mysterious allure of Andy Warhol, Calvin stands as a demure, non-threatening Svengali of the northwestern sound. Catch the vegan-shoe wearing, dapper cadaver at the Smell and pay your respects. Lo-fi royalty within walking distance of skid-row! (SOC)

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