Wednesday, December 14, 2005

dios and the Belmonts

dios (malos)@ El Rey
November 19, 2005 w/ Gran Ronde, Simon Dawes, Goldspot

Plagued by health problems (where’s jimi?), managerial problems (where’s the brown M&M’s?) and even support problems (swhere’s Swords?) Hawthorne’s own LA Record cover models, dios (malos), finally return home to sleep in their own beds. (Who are these guys, the Dodgers?) Before doing so they’re going to play one more set of lackadaisical, irony-full, drug-fueled, van-fermented pop for all those who turn out on the Miracle Mile. Their latest record features a dozen tracks from the dios (malos) vault newly recorded by northwestern pretty-boy, Phil Ek. From the “Give Peace a Chance” sing-alongs to the fuzzed-out vocoder rock, their second self-titled disc is the (nearly) balls out companion piece to their first – a moody record awash in rainy interludes and low-level mumblings. Before they burn all their bridges in LA stop by the show and bring them some brownies. But if you know what’s good for you don’t call them “sunny”. Shit, don’t even call them “partly cloudy”.(SOC)

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