Thursday, December 12, 2013

MAD vs Cracked vs Crazy vs Sick: A Primer

MAD magazine was always been the definitive black-and-white, advertisement-free spoof magazine. Cracked has held on a long time and they even managed to pilfer a few of MAD’s writers at the height of their powers but the other insanity-themed parody magazines that tried to ride MAD’s coattails were short-lived. Riot, Nuts!, Get Lost, Madhouse, Whack, Flip, Eh!, Wild, Blast, Gag? They just couldn’t cut it. The parody parade peaked in the 1970s and there was a real lack of variety between the topics they covered and no shortage of attempts at Spiro Agnew jokes. 

The following photos offer just a small fraction of the ridiculousness once available on newsstands and it is a reminder that at one time there was plenty of work for people who could draw a good David Carradine caricature.

MAD vs. Cracked: The Sting

Crazy vs. MAD: The Bicentennial
 Crazy vs. Cracked: Serpico

 Cracked vs. MAD: The Godfather Trilogy

 Cracked vs. Sick: Jaws (with a Z)

 Crazy vs. Cracked: Kung Fu

 MAD vs Cracked vs Crazy: Bionic Woman

Special thanks to the Berkeley Library of Entertainment, Cartoon & Comic History.

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