Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is "Hardcore?" - LA Weekly

My contribution to the debate at what hardcore means in different musical genres. 

Hardcore Jazz
Examples: Albert Ayler, Elliott Sharp, and Tim Berne
Hardcore jazz is generally regarded as the more vicious strain of free jazz that was built upon the work of late 1950s innovators like Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor. Hummable melodies and swing were replaced by a focus on the potential for tone and the malleability of rhythm and tempo, expanding and contracting beyond a simple 4/4 beat. This often asked a lot of the listener. Rochester City Newspaper columnist Frank DeBlase recently described the music of hardcore jazz saxophonist Tim Berne as follows: "It was just random, screeching note generation with no logic at all. It sounded like a gaggle of geese fucking or an ambulance demolition derby." So, that's, um, another definition. 

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