Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Best of...2011

I contributed to two larger "Best of" lists for LA Weekly.


Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music
by Ellen Willis

This compilation of The New Yorker's first pop critic pulses with unbridled passion for artists as diverse as the Who, Bowie and the Boss. The unsung Willis had a keen eye for the importance of her subjects that helped to elevate the status of both the artists she wrote about and the genre of criticism she helped to create.

Best Books of 2011 @ LA Weekly

LA Jazz shows:

Walter Smith III
Blue Whale, December 17

Joon Lee, the modest personality behind Little Tokyo's Blue Whale, is an indispensible part of the local jazz community who books some of the most daring acts in Los Angeles. Saxophonist Walter Smith III, a hard-swinging transplant, was one such act earlier this month. His band of ringers put on an powerhouse set before a standing-room only crowd that reminded everyone that there is a sizable (and bar-patronizing!) jazz community in Los Angeles.

Best LA Jazz Shows @ LA Weekly

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