Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drink of the Week - The District

From the District Weekly - (01/27/10)

Among Orange County’s little cottonwoods lies a windowless rumpus room known as the Sportsman. From the looks of the clientele, these sports seem to consist mostly of darts and Big Buck Hunter. From the looks of the barmaids, these sports also include a little snowboarding and underwear shopping. Los Alamitos does not do much to promote the fact that it houses a bikini bar, but there they were: pleasant, young women, walking around on designer stilts and wearing less than a napkin’s-worth of fabric. When we arrived at the Sportsman between droplets of rain, the patrons—which included but one woman—were more focused on the Lakers game than on the scantily-clad staff standing between them and the TV set. Although the hard liquor was low-priced and high-quality, the majority of drinks consumed on this night were bottled beers. (It’s not very healthy to be dipping in and out of an ice-lined fridge all day without the assistance of a little goose down, but hey, these women are professionals.) Aside from bending at the waist and cracking open frosty MGDs, the ladies also flexed their skills with a few house specialties—fruity concoctions of indeterminate alcohol content that make everything from the eyes to the toes twitch. Having already surrendered my masculinity by inquiring about the specials in the first place, I settled on the Juicy Pear. Now, pears can make a fine brandy, but in the hands of these nubile mixologists they are downright dangerous. Sugary and sweet, the drink tastes like a can of pears rinsed with vodka and strained with a little ice. Consume three or four of them, and who knows what could happen? As to who exactly orders these cloudy libations, tonight it was just me—and I was there strictly for research. Journalism can be such strenuous work.


Drink of the Week @ the District

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