Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Old Yellow.

Yellow @ Powerhouse Theater
Friday, December 13

It’s a new year, a new cat calendar and if Mark Farina is going to maintain his spot as the pick for best visual artist for 2006 he’s going to have to earn it. Less than two weeks into this winter Olympics year (Go Austrian skeleton team!), Mr. Farina is bringing the goods. Although known as a creator of more inanimate visual arts (paintings that straddle the definition of pop art and street art, head-scratching sculptures of manipulated flea market friends) on Friday the 13th, Farina will be presenting the US premiere of his short film “Yellow” described by the man of the hour as “an homage to the 1970s atmospheric, thrill kill films”, an Italian export as essential as gelato and pencil moustaches. Though shot in Los Angeles the film was given its world premiere in Milan at Gio Marconi gallery late last year in the kind of artist-spoiling setting that really makes the case for ex-patriation. If I didn’t store all my shit here I’d have left long ago. (SOC)
3316 2nd St. Santa Monica @ 7'30.

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